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Meet the team that gets things done.

We're all about teamwork

We are a dedicated team of professionals helping Travel Industry businesses to driving business growth and a positive impact simultaneously.
Challenging the status quo in everything we do. We believe it is possible to create an ecosystem where companies create real shared value.

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Meet the team

Maribel Esparcia Pérez


University Professor at the University of Lleida - Faculty of Law, Economics and Tourism,  with a degree in Tourism Management and Master in Hotel Management.

She is a Change Agent Certified with Environmental, Social and Good Corporate Governance leadership skills by the International Society of Sustainability Professionals.

Keynote Speaker at international industry conferences. This year, she has been part of the Women in Science and Tech Congress WSCITECH19 celebrated in Barcelona and the CSW63 & SDG’s Congress in United Nations HQ, New York.

With broad experience in the industry, she has worked in the Travel industry for more than a decade, at an international hotel chains and independent properties, where she gathered experience in operations and strategy.

Furthermore, she has carried out research and strategy projects for different universities and companies since 2012.

Founder of the company Purpose-Driven Net in London (2016) and currently is the Founding Partner of The European Sustainable Hospitality Club (2019).


Dan Pontarlier


Diploma in Tourism, Master in Hotel Management and Master in Tourism, Sustainability and ICT.

His professional experience focuses on different areas of the tourism sector, specialising in the hotel industry where he was responsible in the areas of Revenue Management and Marketing; and later responsible in the area of CSR and Environment for the Barcelona Hotels Association.

Keynote Speaker in ACC10 of the Generalitat de Catalunya on sustainability in the hotel sector and author of the Strategic Sustainability Plan (2017-2019) in collaboration with the Barcelona City Council, with the incorporation of 135 hotels.

Professor in public universities and business schools, he accumulates more than ten years of baggage in the sector and a vocational orientation to the sustainable management of the destinations and the companies that compose them.

Founder of Sustainable-Man.com in France (2017), promoting sustainability in the fashion and travel industry, he has been Master of Ceremonies in events such as the Post Industrial Fashion Show 2018 in Barcelona and the event Presente Ancestral during the Paris Fashion Week in 2019.


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